Second novel of The Torch Trilogy


An excerpt from Crash . . .

Taylor’s wife and daughter were out of town tonight. From a payphone on the corner, he dialed Liz Barles, the beautiful 34-year-old brunette teller at his branch. He’d begun an affair with her six months earlier. With her, the mild-mannered banker developed another persona – a risk taker – for the first time in his life. He started gambling at the Officers’ Club at the air force base and then in private games near the base. Before long, he’d racked up debts of over $9,300, money he didn’t have, with a wife who belonged to the Junior League and a daughter who was expecting a lavish debutante ball next year. To cover his losses, he’d falsified deposit slips at the bank. Taylor always intended to repay it. Just as soon as he started winning . . .

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